Bridal Collection

We carry an exclusive range of traditional bridal footwear styles in Ivory and White from our brands including LODI and Marian.

When selecting your wedding shoes, it is important to select a heel height that you will be comfortable wearing for the full day.

Depending on the style of your dress, you may opt to chose from our metallic colours in either Silver or Gold. 

Another option for your bridal shoes is to select a colour that compliments the colours that your Bridal party will be wearing and incorporate that into your shoes.

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LODI Rabot Galaxia Avoria Shoe - New
Lodi Velma Miro White
LODI Bridal Shoe - Pigmeo Galaxia Avorio
Marian Silver Slingback - New
Lodi Enrica Galaxia Nacar (Novia) - New
Lodi Bridal Sandal - Inriko Galaxia Avorio
LODI Bridal Shoe - Velades Galaxia Avorio
LODI Venice Avorio Bridal Shoe
LODI Rabot Matise Gold
LODI Rabot Silver - New
LODI Mavi Deimos Silver - New
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